Sunday, 10 December 2017

Final Flight Pulp Alley Solo ARR

Before we kick off I just want to point some thing out, as you know I want to try to show more of how the game works so this AAR will be different from how I would normally do them, so the story will be told in the captions of the pictures, while anything from the game end will be done at the end of each turn.
                                                NICKEL & DIME PRODUCTIONS PRESENT

                                       Perilous Island a story by Dave Phipps at Pulp Alley
                                                             Chapter 2 Final Flight
After the events at Po Ying Valley, we take up the story in Istanbul, realising her mistake in trusting Helga Lady Harriet has giving the Germans the slip & gotten word to the Society of the Blue Blooded that she intends to try to get on a flight to Athens tonight.
Upon enquiring about tickets for the flight Collins has learned that the flight is full booked up but through a friend of his John Smith who has  accompanied them to the airport,  has learn that a high ranking military officer has 5 for sale & has arranged to  meat him near one of the warehouses at the airport. 
Hass has been in foul mood since Harriet has giving them the slip but know that with Istanbul in the grips of yet another uprising that this flight might well be the last one out for awhile & suspects Harriet will try to get on it & aims to stop her one way or another & has plans to have the plane sabotaged.
Hess orders Brown & Muller to the roof of the terminal  Herr Gloup & Fritz are to move around all trying to spot Harriet, Helga you  & I will search for that package I told you about it should be among this lot, Fritz got hearing the order  right hesitates, Sorry Captain what was that you said ?  
Collins  heads over to the Officer while  Smith, Grace & Moore move over to the plane while Dowl still suffering from a leg wound make his across the runway.

Pre-game on the random events table, the Blue Blooded (BB) got level 1 brawler, while the Germans (Bots) got low visibility.
Turn 1, Germans activate first, as Brown is the nearest to a member of the BB hes the first to be activated & so a card is drawn from the solo deck & played on him, the card is sprint which he can hold until he uses it to gain 3" to a run move, next was Fritz & the card was held in place meaning he can not move this turn, Muller's card was all clear meaning he ignores all perils, perilous areas & bursts this turn, I hope that show people how the cards are doubled edged, the rest of the turn was just characters moving as shooting is reduced to 12" for poor visibility.

Brown spots Grace behind the plane &
him & Muller open fire on her, to late she tries to dodge down but take a couple of hits & is knocked from her feet
Hess  searches while Helga keep an eye out.
Found it he says to Helga
Look is that the guy we've to give it to over there she replies ?
Collins goes to the Officer, dark tonight he says, giving the password that had been arranged, no moon comes the reply he wanted hear. 
the deal for the tickets is done & as the Officer wanders off he spots Harriet .
Dowl  continues across the runway as Smith  who is heading over to the other warehouse house notices Helga who has made her way over to the mechanic. 
Turn 2 Gloup who had activated first failed the challenge on his card so did nothing this turn, Brown passed a perils on his so was ok, Hess auto passed his (Danger Sense ability)  & got +1 bonus to his cunning which he used to pass the plot point perils, Grace passed her recovery roll & got back to her feet but is down to d6 health, & each side have a minor plot point, with the next two on the board Harriet who can only be completed by Collins (tickets) & the Mechanic, which can only be completed by Hess (package) Brown & Muller both having shot are now wanted & treat all terrain as perilous terrain, which in solo play makes it extremely perilous meaning they will face a challenge every from now on that they activate, this I think was a chance worth taking as if Grace had gone out of the game it would have been a big help to the Germans.
Fritz headed around the front of the terminal.
Collins makes his way over to Harriet telling her he has the tickets.

Dowl now clear of the runway has taken cover behind an oiltank.

Helga fills Smith full of lead before he can reach the safety of cover. 
Hess tries talking to the Mechanic while Brown climbs down from the roof to head for the plane door. 
Turn 3, Collins passed the challenge on his card & got a bonus that he already has an ability for & moved over to the Harriet plot point. Dowl got a card that meant he couldn't shoot this turn, Smith passed a challenge on his, not that it done him any good as Helga took him out of the game, as been a level one character he doesn't roll for recovery, Grace & Moore just moved up the side of the plane a bit & Grace passed her recovery roll so back to d8 health.
Hess moved over to the plot point, Helga shot Smith & is now wanted, Brown climbed down from the roof passing to perils challenges, Muller failed his wanted challenge so did nothing, Gloup moved down to the other end of the terminal while Fritz move around to the other side of it.
Gloup has made it to the tail of the plane & taken cover behind it fires at Grace & misses.
Fritz & Dowl get into a shot out
& both take a hit

Helga has moved towards the plane as Hess is trying to tell the Mechanic what he wants.
He can't get him to understand & the Mechanic moves away 
Collins tells Harriet to meet him at the door of the plane 5 minutes before take off time, but she's spooked after hearing gunshots & thinks she should maybe go back to the hotel. 
Turn 4 BB went first activating Collins card Surprise Twist switching activating to the Germans, Brown fails wanted challenge so does nothing this turn, Gloup gets When it counts card & gains 1 to a Might Finesse or Cunning roll, move fires at Grace who dodges the shots, Muller passes wanted challenge & climbs down from roof passing perilous action challenge, Fritz moved & had shot out with Dowl which seen them both go down, Fritz fails recovery roll is out of the game, Helga passed wanted challenge & move closer to the plane, Hess try plot point auto passing the peril but then after passing gets the red herring reward card.
Collins reassures Harriet & she agrees to meet at the door just before take off.
Collins failed plot point challenge & took a hit down to d8 health but passed recovery test, Dowl pased recovery roll, Grace after shoot out with Gloup runs around the tail of the plane while Moore move to the tail of the plane.
Grace moves near to the door of the  & throws a bottle grenade catching Brown & Muller in the blast.
Brown is knock from his feet but Muller dodges away as Moore comes round to cover Grace.
Dowl has slipped on some spilled oil.
Muller & Moore exchange lead but with the smoke still tick from the blast it hard to get a clear shot.
Gloup rushes at Collins  who smartly side steps him.
Hess calls Helga over & hands her the package, take his & go over & talk to that idiot I can't understand a word he says.

Turn 5 Collins passes card challenge & gets the Harriet plot point, Grace passes card Challenge, moves & places blast hitting both Brown & Muller with Muller dodging clear & Brown failing the blast Challenge & going down, Moore's card is No shot so can't shoot this turn, Dowl wanted challenge is 3 on Might, Finesse or Cunning which he can't pass, fails health check & goes down, later fails recovery & goes out of the game.
Muller passes wanted challenge & shoot at Moore who dodges, Gloup passes wanted challenge & rushed Collins who dodged, Helga also passed wanted challenge & moved to Hess who handed her the package plot point.
Grace gets behind cover at the tail of the plane & lobs another grenade just catching Muller in the blast.
Collins move up beside Grace, get ready he tells her its almost time to get on the plane.
Gloup is hot on his heels  & engages Grace in a shoot out. 
Helga moves over to start talking to the mechanic.
Hess goes forward & shots Moore,
taking him down which the blast has also done to Muller.
Turn 6 Grace passes wanted & card challenge moves to tail of the plane & throws another grenade Muller in the blast who goes down & also making it that Hess  has perilous terrain between him & the plane door, Moore fails card challenge & can't move & with no enemy within 12" & line of sight can't shoot, Collins get free pass on card challenge & runs over pass grace making her the close to Gloup, who passes wanted challenge move behind tail wing & gets into a shoot out with Grace, both stay on their feet.
Hess moves forward & shoots at Moore who goes down while Helga move over to the mechanic plot point.
Recovery  Moore & Muller fails so out of the game.

With the plane just about to leave Collins runs to the door.
& is joined by Harriet.
Turn 7 Collins passes card challenge & walks to the door of the plane where he passes both perils & major plot point challenges, games ends Blue Blooded win 5vp's to 1 vp, rewards Blue Blooded +1 experience +1 Tip +1 Gear, Germans +1 Contacts, Harrowing escape roll Dowl Arm wound failed challenge -1d shot next game, Muller Bleeding wound passes challenge +1 reputation for t he league.

Designers notes, The game scenario (Campaign) was made before the solo play rules & in this game made becoming wanted very dangerous indeed as you could end up facing two challenges before you did anything but I don't think it had an over all effect on the game, as it was really 3 things that decided how it went, first was Grace when she was down making the recovery roll as if she'd had gone out the Blue Blooded  would have really been up against it, second was the Germans getting the Red Herring reward card when they completed their second minor plot point this made it due to where they could replace it next to impossible for them to ever complete the major one & third Collins making the dodge roll when rushed by Gloup for had he failed he'd have been stuck in combat.
Even after all that the game still had a cliffhanger end as their was still a Red Herring card in the reward cards, so when Collins completed the major plot point there was still a 3-1 chance that he could draw it which would have denied him the plot point & giving the Germans a chance to get their second one, so the game might well have ended 2vp's each instead, but once again it was a very enjoyable game & after two games of the campaign both sides having won one each & having 5vp's each over the two games it couldn't be any closer. 

Well that's it for this post, my thanks to Dave  for the script & as always to you guys for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed. :)

Monday, 4 December 2017

PO Ying Valley, Pulp Alley Solo AAR

                                         NICKEL & DIME PRODUCTIONS PRESENT
                                                              Perilous Island

                                               A story by Dave Phipps at Pulp Alley
                                                     Chapter one Po Ying Valley                                   

The plot points are the lower tent top left, creates top right, Hamilton bottom left donkey bottom right & Lady Harriet centre  the major plot point. 
Lord Forbes one of the founding members of the Blue Blooded Society  has gone missing, the last they heard from him was a strange letter some months back & his friends eager to find him have headed to the valley of Po Ying where his daughter Harriet is leading an archaeological expedition.
 They are not the only ones however interested in the whereabouts of the famous explorer & as it so happens both parties have arrived at the valley at the same time, but who will gain Harriet's trust ?
One of the Germans move close to Hamilton & taken cover fires at James Dowl.
Dowl goes down & out as he later fails his recovery roll.
As the next card drawn was the clam it meant that no one could run, brawl or shot for the rest of the turn.
Hess the German leader moves closer to Harriet.
While some of the other members of his party move up in support.
The German who shot Dowl is joined by another,
As Herr Gloup goes over to the donkey to see if there's anything of interest in the sack on his back.
Delbert Collins  the leader of the Blue Blooded also moves closer to Harriet. 
Cliff Moore goes to check out the tents as
This brings turn one to an end, with the Blue Blooded down a man
Grace Simms moves slightly forward hugging a patch of uncleared jungle for cover. 
Collins rushes Hess & so begins a brawl that would make any Rocky movie weep.
While the two leaders are slugging it out Helga approach's Harriet & convinces her get out of there. 

Simms moves forward & switching her gum to automatic opens fire on the German with the machine-gun who returns fire.
One of her abilities permits her to down a dice level to gain 2 extra shots, D8 to D6  
The German goes down while Simms takes a flesh wound. 
This is a minor plot point that could only be done at the front of the tent.
Over at the tents Moore has found some letters sent to Harriet from her Father.
At the donkey Gloup starts to try & search the sack,
In solo play all plot points are extremely  perilous so before the character can try the plot point he must past a random challenge 
but the donkey doesn't like been disturbed while eating & lashes out knocking him from his feet.

Covering the tents one of the Germans see Moore coming out &
  snipes him, falling to the ground Moore lets the letters fall from his hand.
The end of turn two & the Blue Blooded are down two men while the Germans passed all their recovery rolls & have the major plot point.

In the squared circle  the brawl is still raging so Helga,
The donkey more relaxed now permits  Gloup to search  the pack on his back were he finds some thing of value
 decides to head back over to Gloup who has gotten back to his feet after been kicked by the donkey.

Our machine-gun German runs over to the 
steps to get cover behind them before engaging Simms in another shoot out,
but the cover does him no good, Simms taking another wound also falls to the ground.

As one of the Germans tries to make his way over to the tents to pick up the letters dropped by  Moore, a snake darts out from a crop of jungle tripping him up, while his comrade move to the corner of the centre structure. 
This brings turn three to an end, the Blue Blooded are down to their last man while the Germans have lost their first man but now have a minor plot point to go with the major one.

But whats this ? explosions now rock the camp as it comes under attack from unknown assailants. 
No change here it would seem.
Two of the three Germans who along with the donkey were caught up in one of the explosions get clear but the third one is not so lucky.

The German who had the incident with the snake has also been downed by an explosion.
So ends turn four with the Germans having lost two men to the explosions
 No first round ko's in this fight who ever bought tickets have really gotten their money's worth.
Helga closes in on another plot point.
End of turn five
 Things look bad for the Blue Blooded but with the right string of results there is still hope, but probably only a fools hope, the Germans fail to get another plot point as the assailants storm the the valley forcing everyone to flee. 

Designers note, whoever thinks playing solo doesn't work has never played solo Pulp Alley as between the cards & the dice you really can get turned over as has just happened here, I was playing as the Blue Blooded league if you hadn't guessed, to add to all of this the random   events roll meant that line of sight was limited to 12", this really played into the Germans hands as their league perk gives them an extra shot within 12" instead of the normal 6", so when the German with the machine-gun move back to the steps he not only got the bonus for cover he remove Simms bonus shot for close range while keeping his own & that really is the key to playing solo you've got to use the other league as you would your own.

I've decided  that when I play PA instead of just doing one off games I would do a campaign, the game played out was Hidalgo Fire which is the opening game in the Perilous Island campaign book & is set in a desert in Mexico, now while I might change the names of characters (for Lady Harriet see Lady Elaine) or places from those in the book to suit my terrain the games will be played out as per the book.

I will also try to give more insight into the game in these AAR's  then I have in other AAR's as to how the game is playing out, but will still not show any dice or cards, hey were trying to make movies here :) 
This is something new to me so hopefully my skill at doing so will get better as we go along, so the game ended with the German's winning by 4 VP's to 0 VP's so they got  4 Reputation plus for their rewards they got 1 Contacts & 1 Backup, The Blue Blooded have it all to do in the next chapter The Final Flight, I hope you guys will tune in for that :)

Well that's it for this post, my thanks to Dave  for the script & as always to you guys for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed. :)