Thursday, 20 April 2017

Props,The animal's went in 2X2

It beginning to feel like Noah's ark in the studio's & as for the smell we won't even go there lol.
I've picked up some animal's over the last while & have finally gotten around to them.
Their from 3 different place's, Foundry, Northstar & Black Tree but don't ask which is from where.
Painting this lot up is certainly going to be different as a part from the couple of horse's, a dog & a rat or two I've never painted any animal's before.
The Hippo's are what is called waterline, as in you only see the part above the water, yes I know their on grass but some day.

What the make up department will make of this lot I've no idea, they'll probably tell me to buzz off.

Or to stop monkeing round.
Maybe they'll just think I'm an ass
Right that's enough with the corny stuff Frank.

I feel the animal's should help add detail & help give a certain feel to things

The back lion in posed leapping but untill he's based up he won't stand.
Brave girl Connie brave girl, the picture above give you their size againts a 28mm model, I think they got the scale spot on tbh.

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Monday, 17 April 2017

Herr Cullen declares war on the Jones's

My good mate Darra was home from Germany for the Easter hols & unlike the last couple of time this time we where able to meet up to see who would be king.
Yep we were playing Osprey Men who would be Kings, with me trying to look after the Jones's who as is their way where out digging in the middle of nowhere.
The game mechanic's are easy enough with the game very good at having you feeling I want to do that but I really need to do this with your units.
The plan was fro me to place 6 marker's under some building & then when the shit hit the fan go & get the Jones & co while hopefully Darra went for the wrong one's giving me time to get them off the table.
With the makers placed Darra set about giving me a run down of the rules, simple ya so what could possible go wrong ?
How about me forgetting which where the important makers where placed lol so now Darra had every bit as much of a chance of finding the Jones & co as I did, way to go Frank I hear you laugh.
Meeting up with old friends is more important then winning a game right ? of coarse it is, so a fun couple of hours & a good chat with an old mate meant it really was a Good Friday.
As for the Jones's ? well the last I seen og them they were been dragged away by men on horse back.
I guess I won't be King anytime soon.
That's a rap, My thanks to Darra it was great to catch up mate & the model's & terrain look great & as always my thanks to you for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Behind the scene's, on the inside plane

It's all well & fine having a plane but what goes on when people are on board ?
I decided it would be handy to have a little mock up of the inside of a plane when I built the model  one a while back,
 so known that you wouldn't see the seats in the model I keep them.
I find this stuff great it's plastic & & about 5mm thick.
Made these to give me the shape of the inside.
Add what would be a sub-floor
Outer skin, this is only I think .5mm plastic card
Next a floor, a dividing wall with a door
 The inner wall with the window's cut out.
The inner wall with the struts added in place & the floor covering which is the stuff you get at the bottom of some shopping bags.

I also done a little cockpit,
A bit rough & ready but it does the job.

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Friday, 7 April 2017

Make up, The last of the stars return

This lot concludes the stars I'll be painting for a little while, but fear not there's still plenty to be done around here as you'll see over the coming month's
First the group shot above, the models are from Foundry, Solid chaps to a man apart from the monk that is who was a freebi from Foundry.
I really like these sitting down models & find them very handy for lot of things, this chap you have already seen as he was driving the car in a recent post, but as he's part of the set I stuck him in.

If I'm not mistaken this guy is the only model of all the Foundry ones I got who doesn't have a hat, apart of the monk that is.

I done a head change with this guy as I wanted at least one model not to have a tash, the hat is from the model so it was more a case of faceoff.
A couple of soldier's above, I've painted these kind of nondescript as I didn't want them to belong to any one army.

These two guys will be whatever's called for at the time kind  of chaps.
Last but not least we have the monk, this is a model I like a lot, I think it the face as it has a lot of character.
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Monday, 3 April 2017

What the camera see's

Have you ever noticed how sometimes you don't see a mistake until you take a picture ? I don't know about you guys but this is something that happen to me fairly often.
This was the case the other day while some scenes where been shot for The Heart Stone of Africa.
"Cut" calls out director Merrik Von Stroneim "What's wrong Max ?"
"I'm picking up some red on the left hand side of the step beside the hedging" replies the cameraman.
Von Stroneim goes to investigate "Painter" he calls out.
Luck enough I picked up on this as I was taking the pictures but that is not always the case, I've often not notice things until I've gone to do a blog post & by that stage everything has normally been put away.
With the offending red removed Billy Boyle snaps the clapperboard "Take two"
"Action" Calls out Von Stroneim & filming continue's.

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Friday, 31 March 2017

Prop's, Get out the Jalopy.

Get out the Jalopies or in this case Jalopy & polish up the wheels it got to be the smartest of the automobiles.
 The words above are from a song from the movie Monte Carlo or bust & was very much in my head while I was working on this prop.
What it is is a pencil sharpener from here,
now I know that people have gotten wagon's off of them but I'd not seen anyone with cars so I didn't know if they worked scale wise.
The car was cheap 5.25 Euro's but the postage was 11 odd Euro's so not knowing if the cars would work or not I ordered a couple of wagon's as well  take some of the sting out of the postage which was still 11 odd Euro's for 3 items instead of just one.
You could sit models in the front seat but not the back.
This had to go
go it did
& the back seat is usable
& when we arrive miles ahead of the rest
 everyone will know that our jalopy is best, you got to admit it's a car you can trust
Taylor Davies & Connemara Feeney out for a drive. 
so it's Monte Carlo or bust, if you'd like to hear the song, hit the link
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