Friday, 18 October 2013

100 models mutants.

Next up as part of my 100 models in a 100 days I've got 25 mutants, again models I made a long time back that have been left lying a round like the sevro-guns I did as the first nine models

So the first 7 of these are now done but I'm not sure when I'll get the rest done as I've other models I want to get painted as plus I'm suffering from painting burn out at the moment

Some of them have close up pictures of them before they were painted & I've put them together like above & below

Thanks for dropping in & I hope this lot don't give you nightmares well not to many lol please call back soon.


  1. A nice bunch of muties! I hear you about the burnout, I've been three weeks gearing up to pick up a brush.

  2. Thanks mate, as for burnout I'm sure well both get over it soon.