Saturday, 21 June 2014

RPG Dragon Age

Last Wednesday our little roll playing campaign came to an end, now this had me with mixed feelings to be honest, a bit sad because it was over & glad because it's was the first RPG I'd taken part in that made it to it conclusion.

So what did I learn from playing in a RPG ? well first off they are very enjoyable to take part in & I would advised anyone if they have never taken part in a RPG before & get a chance to do so to take it.

In our group we'd 4 guys & 2 gals, & I think having a group made up of the 2 sex's is a bonus as women think differently from men & after all thinking is really at the end of the day what a RPG is all about.

Now I'm not going to go into details of what Dragon age is about as anyone who played the video game will already know & if you like me didn't play the game & know nothing about it then your better off not knowing in case you ever take part in a game of it as an RPG.

The greatest thing about an RPG is I think how as the game goes on & the weeks go by you see how all the players start to get more & more into their characters, this is a really fun experience as the people around & yourself start to change & go about doing things in away that in real life they might not.

I could go on a bit more about RPG's but I'm sure everything I would put down on this page has been covered a million times already & really there is nothing like first hand experience, so I'll finish up with thanking you for dropping in & if you are luck enough to get the chance to try out an RPG then take it.

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