Saturday, 11 April 2015

40K Squad Maiden

I got another squad done up, so without further ado here's squad Maiden.

Left to right Grey Dawn, Iris Web, Dusky Maiden, Jilly Cooper & Amber Queen.

I replaced the plasma pistol on Dusky Maiden with a bolt pistol.

Grey Dawn in the doorway of a ruin I recently add to my collection.

The window above Iris Webb is what I think sets this piece off & believe it or not is a wheel from a child,s toy.

Jilly Copper the other flamer lady in the squad.

Last but by no means least Amber Queen.

Defender of the faith & with that I'll take my leave but not before as always thanking you for dropping in.


  1. Nice work on the Sisters mate, especially the bolt pistol swap (far less likely to kill herself now!). Those ruins look great! You mentioned that the window was from the wheel of a child's toy, did you make the ruins yourself?

    1. Thanks Marc, own to the name of this blog the swap was a smart move LOL, as for the ruin I did indeed make it myself & one I more then happy with.

  2. Excellent work as always my friend

    1. You say the nicest things Doc you old smoothie you LOL