Friday, 12 February 2016

Tricol, The Elections & you can vote

That's right dear reader the race for the Governorship of Tricol  has began & you get to vote, consider it my way of saying thanks for calling in on my blog & I really hope you'll take part in shaping how things are going to develop in the Tricol system.

Anyway more on that later on first off lets have a look at the runners in this two horse race shall we ?
First up we have the man that currently holds the seat Governor Montague Jardine, so what will you get by voting for him ? well lets hear it from the man himself.

A vote for me will be a vote for equality for all the races of Tricol & for an open & progressive community, where we welcome all of those unfortunate enough to have been pull here by the wormhole or by any other means.   

Next we have the man hoping to replace him in the seat of power Senator Marco Von Bittner & here's what he'd bring should he be elected Governor.
A vote for me will be a vote for law & odder, for a Tricol where we can all sleep safe & sound in our beds at night, A Tricol where new comers will still be welcome but who will have to first prove that they are folk worth welcoming.

So the plan for what it worth is this, you guys get to vote between now & the end of February & then their will be a Pulp Alley game in which our two candidate's will have to win votes it's as simple as that, so how do I vote Frank I hear you yell out in excitement ?

Well sadly I'm no computer wizz kid  so I can give you the easy push a button that most blog do, so sorry to say if you want to vote you'll have to do it in the comments (sorry) but all you need do is put in the name of the candidate you wish to vote for, you can add more if you wish but there is no need to in order to vote.

So on that I'll thank you all for dropping in & hope that some of you will do me the favour of casting a vote below.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you very much for the vote, I'm sure the Govrrnor will be pleased.

  2. A vote for Von Bittner, here! Tricol needs to be safe.

    1. Thanks for taking the time out to vote Mek, Von Bittner welcomes your support.

  3. Both candidates seem to be drunk (they are blurry, right?) so the decision is a hard one.
    But a well dressed man with that much curly hair (obviously not his own) and lace.... well it speaks of vanity.
    So - my vote goes to von Bittner!

    1. Thanks for taking part Joakim, with drunkards running Tricol what could possible go wrong, I sure Von Bittner will be pleased when he's sober enough to notice lol.

    2. "what could possible go wrong"
      I seem to remeber saying that in far to many games of Pulp Alley... :-D

  4. Time for Change,
    I cast my vote for Senator Marco Von Bittner!

  5. Thank's for voting Will, it looking like the Governor in not very popular.