Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Prop's Some animals return

Just a quick little update on some of the animals that I got done.

I was happy with the way the gorilla's turned out.

Not so much with the zebra's, fine for back round candy but not great up close.

 The hyena's also turned out fine & the animals should make a nice addition to my collection when there all finished.  

That's a rap for this post, as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd like to leave a comment it would be welcomed.


  1. Thanks Gordon, their a nice model & the wash's worked well on them.

  2. I think you did a great job on all of them! I think the zebra with the wider stripes on the left looks pretty bang on honestly, just widen the stripes on the other and you're good to go :)

  3. Thanks Ivor, I agree that the wider does look better but I still don't think it's as good as it might be, never happy with what we do are we ? lol

  4. Nice
    I also got the gorillas, handy models to have. The zebras certainly look great in the background.
    Useful stuff

  5. Thanks Joakim, it was really a case of you win some you lose some with this lot.

  6. I have some white zebras - keep trying to paint the black parts, but I haven't been happy with any of the results yet. They've been "in progress" for a few years now! I did do a couple of Foundry giraffes that came out pretty well, and a couple of tigers that came out "ok". For some reason I always have trouble with stripes (on animals and on clothes, too) and plaids (which are basically stripes going both horizontally and vertically).

    1. Thanks Fitz, well as I've said many a time painting is not my thing & I would guess not the reason people come to my blog :) I see people paint the likes of pinstripes on suits & think how the hell do they do that, I've a couple of giraffes to paint myself so if you've any tips they be welcome, as for my poor old zebras I guess they be something that you'll only see in the distant :)

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